Superior Flight Solutions' MILITARY canopy program is designed to take on the demanding mission of training the war fighters of today's modern Special Operations community. With its background beginning in the Military Free Fall community and over 26 years of active duty service , SFS knows what it takes to get the job done on and above the battlefield. OPERATIONAL SECURITY IS OUR PRIORITY.  




Specifically designed for the basic to intermediate MFF skill sets. This 4 day course (with the option to extend to 5 days) focuses on improving individual canopy flying abilities as well as embedding canopy survival skills in each operator. This course has a special emphasis on individual accuracy, flare technique for all conditions, reading the winds without visual wind indicators, selecting a flight plan and modifying it enroute to the objective to ensure mission success. After an evaluation jump, each jumper will individually progress to where they currently are based off of their abilities, strengths and goals. This course will also serve as a transition course to hand deployed pilot chutes, if necessary, and can be conducted on standard or non-standard gear.    

This course may be modified to the needs of the unit or unit leaders' goals.


This course keeps the advanced skills operator in mind. This 4 day course (with the option to extend to 5 days) is specially created for the jumpers who have either completed the Essential Skills in MFF Operations Course or have demonstrated their abilities, qualifying them for an advanced course. Training begins with smaller unit jump operations and stack building fundamentals enforced with communications procedures. It will then build to accuracy patterns focusing on landing small units on small DZ's. DZ locations will vary depending on the skill set of the jumpers and progression.

This course may be modified to the needs of the unit or unit leaders' goals.    




A customized MFF Training program that combines every aspect of what an operator needs to know to be successful and complete the mission. This 5 day course covers everything from conducting detailed HAHO flight planning, including contingency plans, to executing proper procedures in simulated scenarios. Practicing the tactics, techniques and procedures for flying large canopy stacks into small to medium sized DZs and utilizing communications. When you absolutely have to be on time, on target Tactical Flight Training will get you there!



"I have been through 4 different canopy courses with other canopy instructors from other companies in the past 6 years, Superior Flight Solutions' course was the most impressive course I have ever encountered. I never thought I could learn so much in a single course."

— DJ Operator

“Without a doubt the most educational course on the market. The knowledge of canopy flight being taught along with the background to back it up will make you a better all round pilot.”

— MS Operator