"I have taken Greg Windmiller's canopy courses many times and have learned a tremendous amount each time. The depth of his knowledge is incredible for any level of canopy flyer. Greg Windmiller is the canopy whisperer!"

     - Pam Manos (Skydive Miami) Skydiving for 34 years 


"I have taken more of Greg's courses than I can count and my only regret was not doing them sooner in my skydiving career. From basic canopy flight and fundamentals to speed building to competitive canopy piloting, Greg can offer courses to all skill levels. The undivided attention and genuine care he has for his students is paramount to anyone else in the industry. He tailors his coaching style to each person individually so that way students don't feel the restriction of a regimented curriculum where everyone has to be at the same level. 
If you're ever debating on taking one of his courses, don't hesitate. Taking his courses will be one of the best decisions you can make in your skydiving career. The knowledge, confidence and skill you develop in his courses make you a safer and more skilled canopy pilot."

     - Matt Leonard 2015 U.S. National Overall Champion Canopy Piloting Advanced

"I took my first canopy course in May of 2012 with Greg Windmiller. I took the course in hopes of meeting the requirements for my B license, and to finally be able to master the art of the stand up landing. I left the course with something far more valuable, the love of the canopy. Oh how I love landing where I want, and having the skill and knowledge to know how to pull it off. I contribute that 100% to Greg Windmiller's course. Since that first course I have taken 10 other canopy courses. I have taken my most recent canopy course once again with Greg Windmiller. His course was so different from all the other courses, in that, he designs each course with a basic understanding of the canopy flight, but also manages to make each course feel like an individual course based upon each persons skill level. Each one of us in a group of 10 were working on what we needed and wanted to learn to be better canopy pilots. Although done as a group, each one of us felt like we had our own private canopy coach! Everyone at that course improved. I also learned that knowledge and coaching of piloting the canopy goes way beyond getting the B license. Greg Windmiller's canopy courses offer all of this."
     - Amy Redwine
"After my crashing and burning in my first swoop comp was when I realized I needed some serious coaching. After asking around who the best coach was, one name kept coming up: Greg Windmiller. I arranged a training session with him for a couple days before the next competition and we began building my skills from the ground up. I cannot emphasize the amount of knowledge and professionalism that comes from being coached by Greg. His attention to detail, which to my untrained eye would have never seen, is the main reason why I have been able to enjoy this sport so much. Even on jumps where I knew I messed up pretty much everything, Greg always looked for positive ways for me to improve and mentioned some things to avoid. Thanks to Greg's expert coaching I was able to move from the advanced to pro class in competition canopy piloting in less than 2 seasons. In closing, when I recommend people for either beginner, advanced or expert flying level coaching there is only one name I recommend; my friend, and proud to say my coach, Greg Windmiller".
           - Bradley Moon   Director-Northeastern Canopy Pilot League